A Collaborative projected between myself, Alexandru Ganescu, Alice Morris and Sarah Walker.
Conducted for D&AD New Blood, This brief was set by Spotify Design with the objective to create a collaborative feature for Spotify, bringing users together through their love of music.
​​​​​​​As self-proclaimed culture vultures (and poor sods in dire need of a holiday) we created WorldPlay, a feature which allows listeners to experience places through the music the locals listen to. Stick your nose into niche back-alley beats of Nice or peruse over small-town tunes in Lake Tahoe. Explore the world through melody on our WorldPlay Map whilst leaving a musical mark in your own area. View your chosen destination through the lens of the locals with user-generated reels and facts. Embark on your tuneful expedition alongside likeminded adventurers in your Passport – connect and wrap yourself in their WorldPlay adventures. Compete with your friends to collect the most Passport stamps and share your triumphs, voyages, and out-of-the-blue blues in your social bubble…pop!
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